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About Cartrade

About company

Being a true "veteran" of warehouse equipment, Cartrade is the exclusive distributor of Doosan automatic and electric loaders (Doosan-Daewoo from South Korea) from 1996. Up to date, Cartrade has sold about 10,000 forklifts and Doosan-Daewoo loaders with carrying capacity from 1 to 25 tons.

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25 years on the market
14 branches in Russia
105 outreach
500 equipment items
25 100 satisfied customers

We offer

forklifts ICE forklifts, Electric rucks and stackers
Service and repair any difficulty as soon as possible at low prices
Spareparts and tyres
Spareparts hypermarket
Japan, Korea, Bulgary
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Сертификат эксклюзивного дистрибьютора Doosan

A sole distributor certificate by Doosan

The biggest manufacture of forklifts in South Korea. 

The Doosan machinery

Сертификат эксклюзивного дилера Mo Doo

An exclusive distributor certificate by Mo Doo

The biggest manufacture of attachable equipment in Korea. The Mo Doo machinery

Сертификат эксклюзивного дистрибьютора Mariotti

An exclusive distributor certificate by Mariotti

Mini electrically operated forklifts from ItalyThe Mariotti machinery

Сертификат официального дилера Bulmor

An authorized agent certificate by Bulmor

Партнерский договор KAUP

Partner agreement with KAUP

The biggest manufacture of attachable equipment in GermanyThe KAUP machinery

Сертификат официального дистрибьютора TAB batterie

An authorized distributor certificate by TAB batteries

A manufacture of electric batteries and charging devices for forklifts. The Tab machinery



Cartrade activity is based on the quarter-century traditions and well done/perfect and time proven work!

Cartrade is one of the first sale and supply organizations of forklifts and warehouse equipment in Russia and CIS countries. The company provides its customers with reliable forklifts, electric loaders and clamp trucks, that are indispensable for the effective performance of a modern warehouse, nearly 25 years.

More than 25 000 companies are our clients.

The modern Russian forklift market is so changeable and varied, that the most important criterion when choosing a worthy partner for the loaders supply is stability and the range of services. Mainly for that very reason the clients of our company become our long-term partners after the first contact.

In addition to Doosan equipment, Cartrade is the exclusive dealer of several other famous brands of warehouse equipment and attachments/attached implements: V.MARIOTTI Srl (Italy), Mo Doo Industry Co (South Korea) and Just Easy Tools (Denmark). Since September 2016 Cartrade became the official dealer of Bulmor company. Bulmor is an expert in sideloaders. 



Cartrade distributes the equipment of the famous Italian brand V.MARIOTTI Srl, which specializes in the manufacture of more than 20 different models of miniature electric forklifts and doesn't have rivals in this segment.

For total output Cartrade offers warranties from 12 months to 6 years!

Doosan forklifts 

Doosan DaewooDoosan (Daewoo) forklifts are so strong and reliable that for almost 18 years our company has been successfully exploiting DOOSAN forklifts for its own needs in three-shift working mode, and they don't lose their functions and quality. Also during the customer survey we found out that the actual operating time (engine capacity) of Doosan forklifts exceeds 20,000 hours! Therefore, we are so confident of the reliability of Doosan loaders, that offer an extended unprecedented warranty on new Doosan loaders for 6 years!

Daewoo forklifts forever…




Mini elecrtrocars Mariotti


MARIOTTI electroloaders are the most compact in the world (load-carrying ability from 400 kg). Over the last 30 years of its activity the company has created the global dealer network. Mini loader MYCROS AC is the unique technology of this brand and it can be used for working in the most hard-to-get-at places due to its small size. V.MARIOTTI loaders are space‑saving, with high manoeuvrability and a number of additional functions to enhance capabilities/increase capacities of the equipment.  Its carrying capacity varies from 400 to 1300 kg. 


   погрузчики Mariotti


Attachable equipment for forklifts (MO DOO, South Korea)

MO DOO Industry Co — is one of the largest Korean manufacturers of attachments for loading equipment, supplying its products for Doosan forklifts. Cartrade owns a wide range of Mo Doo attached implements: from the most simple mechanical roll clamp to more complicated gripping for bulk materials/discrete materials. Mo Doo attachments has a high quality and complies with the international ISO standards.

Stackers and grippers and tire handlers for forklifts (Just Easy Tools, Denmark)

Just Easy Tools — is highly specialized company producing attachments for loading equipment, namely  - wheel clamps and tire handlers, which are successfully distributed by Cartrade on/at the Russian market. With the help of Easy Stacker 1200 there is an opportunity to optimize a logistic process and to ship wheels up to 1.2 m in diameter. Easy Stacker 1200 helps to carry very heavy objects and save time for truck tires loading and unloading.

Business representative​ of Balcancar

For a long time Cartrade was cooperating with Balkancar company — the worldwide known manufacturer of lifting equipment, as a trade representative. Over the years more than 15,000 pieces of BALCANCAR equipment and its various modifications were sold.

Today our company offers to buy components, repair parts, accumulator batteries and Balkancar loaders after heavy overhaul with guarantee. Besides, Cartrade has its own technical repair center for all brands of forklifts, including Balkancar. The supply of Balcancar spares to our warehouse amounts to 100 %! In one word, if you are interested in Balcancar loaders, spare parts or want to repair/renovate your old Bulgarian loader, then you really need to ask us for one simple reason - we know everything about Balcancar!

Consumer batteries by TAB (Republic of Slovenia)

TAB ( Slovenia) is a leading company in the sphere of lead-acid batteries (battery) production. CARTRADE sells traction batteries for forklifts also produced by the TAB's plant. Traction batteries of this brand are known for their durability, they have a high capacity and vibration resistance, they are fast charged. The product range presented by CARTRADE includes batteries with auto-filling feature, discharge control and air mixing / air agitation system.

Attachable equipment by KAUP (Germany)

KAUP GmbH & Co KG (Germany), which manufactures attachments for half a century, is also one of the official CARTRADE partners. The production of the first attachment for eight europallets simultaneous/concurrent processing became the main achievement of this company. KAUP  has also developed the equipment for processing and tire mounting (to 4.6 m in diameter) for Ukrainian coalmines. Today KAUP activities cover/overtake 33 countries of the world!

Quality industrial-applicated tires for forklifts by EASTUP TYRES (China)

EASTUP TYRES (China) — is a company specializing in the tire production for passenger cars and trucks, including forklifts. EASTUP TYRES products, supplied by CARTRADE, allows to extend the life of working equipment. The company has a good reputation and sells tires worldwide. All this brand products are made of top-quality rubber, which increases their durability.

Stock equipment StockLift (Germany/China)

Ningbo Ruyi Stock Joint Co., Ltd (Germany/China) storage equipment, under STOCK LIFT brand name, is presented by CARTRADE as rightly authorized dealer at/on the Russian market. There are electric tractors, reach trucks, hydraulic and electric trucks and clamp trucks in a wide product range of this brand. 

Storage racks

Alongside with forklifts and warehouse equipment, we also supply all types of racks. We keep racks confirmed by European TUF certificate. Suitable racks of different design help to save space and store different purpose goods under the most favorable conditions. CARTRADE company has its own production of metal racks, made оf high-strength steel, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001‑2008.

We can offer different type of rack stacks:

  • Frontal rack stacks (pallet racking). They are build with several vertical frames, connected with frame rails. With them you can easily access to any type of goods.
  • Printed or deep rack stacks. They are recommended to contain printed piece goods.
  • Long-span racks. They are indispensable for libraries, shops and business offices in terms of saving the archives. It is a lot of shelves with different size, installed on the frames.
  • Entresol or multistory bent are useful in the buildings with high ceiling.


Turnkey warehouse — is one of the most popular services offered by CARTRADE. It means a complete warehouse service, from its design to choosing of warehouse equipment, machinery and racks. Our specialists take the responsibility for all logistical solutions, including the selection and installation of high quality European racks, which are also introduced to the market by CARTRADE company.

Turnkey warehousing service consists of the following stages:

  • drafting a business plan;
  • preliminary calculation work (operating costs, capital costs, return on investment, net profit, etc.);
  • design study (warehouse area squaring, commodity stocks definition, warehouse sizing and equipment dimensioning, structural drawings, etc.);
  • construction design (general layout, utility systems design, warehouse internal and external infrastructure design);
  • selection and delivery of warehouse and handling equipment;
  • warehouse building and fitting out;
  • installation of CargoPrime warehouse management system, which enables you to make maximal use of all warehouse technical feasibility and human resources;
  • staff training and consultation about all warehouse operation matters/ issues, official duties and document flow.

CARTRADE offers a turnkey warehouse service on sites up to 15 m high, providing high-quality work of specialists and the best equipment!


  • Racking systems, providing easy access to the goods.
  • Pushback racks (roller) for storing large amounts of goods. This type of racks is widely used for food, cosmetics and medical products storage.
  • Drive-in racking system is ideal for storing of same-type products.
  • High-level storage rack, fitted with stairs and transitions, are used for storing of large amount of piece goods, providing easy access to products.
  • Shelving racks, made of different size shelves, are very convenient for archivе materials, books and documentation storage.

Credit and leasing

All equipment supplied by CARTRADE it is possible to buy on lease. Leasing — it's a financial solution that allows to optimize the purchase price, as well as to receive other obvious benefits when financing the purchase of loader on lease. Our general leasing partner is "Evroplan" leasing company.


Cooperating with us you win! Thats why:



Cartrade not only sells reliable warehouse equipment and forklifts, adapted for Russian service conditions/usage environment, at a bargain price, but also offers qualified additional service: the attachment installation and modification, trucks repair and spare parts supply. Our company's high professionalism provides 14 branches throughout Russia, as well as a wide dealer network, where the best technicians work, who are constantly trained at manufacturing plants.  Invaluable experience, gained by Cartrade during 23 year working period, made it one of the best in the industry. This fact is confirmed by the client base of more than 25,000 customers!

Our competitive advantage is obvious:

  • Stability. Regardless the economic situation, Cartrade company is constant in its development and is always ready to offer new types of forklifts. Company's stability allows to set low prices for equipment and additional services.
  • Professionalism and reliability. Cartrade is one of the most experienced companies in the industry with a wide range of forklifts, electric loaders and warehouse equipment. All our maintenance technicians have been trained in European, Asian and Korean centers. We always have/keep in stock all auto-and electro loader models, warehouse equipment, component parts, including tires, attachments, forks, batteries, battery chargers etc.
  • Long-term commitment and cooperation. Cartrade clients become its long-term partners. CARTRADE helps customers to save money when buying the truck, offering a purchase on credit or by installment, leasing and trade-in. Cartrade has its own rental fleet consisting of 500 units of equipment. We put up for sale new and previously used loaders, and more than 100 previously used Japanese, Korean as well as European and American forklifts are constantly available in stock.
  • Full-service. Cartrade offers a complex of services, including all services and steps related to forklifts and warehouse equipment service, - from warehouse design to guarantee and post-guarantee equipment maintenance for a period of 1 to 6 years.
  • Efficiency. Cartrade company can deliver auto - and electric loaders, their components (including repair parts and attachments) and clamp trucks to any region of Russia as soon as possible — in a period from 1 day.
  • Сustomer-oriented approach.
  • One of the main Cartrade competitive advantage is the fact that the sales department, forklifts and spare parts warehouse, showroom and technical center are situated in the same place on 17,000 sq.m area. Our unique technical center provides service and repair works for all types of forklifts. Fast and high-quality repair in any region of Russia is provided by 105 mobile teams, not counting/exclusive the wide dealer network technical service! Modern computer diagnostic and preventive equipment allows us to serve all the leading manufacturers of loading equipment in the world. Therefore Cartrade  also repairs qualitative other brands forklifts such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Komatsu, Nissan, TCM, Caterpillar, Hyster, Linde, Jungheinrich, Rocla, Still, Yale, Hyundai, Heli, Atlet, Baoli, Crown, Dalian, Hangcha, Jac , Manitou, TFN and 45 other brands. Our company always has in stock  more than 3 million repair parts for loaders of any trademark and brand.